1. Your Camping Essentials Checklist

    After enduring the very limited lifestyle restrictions of three lockdowns, it is no surprise to see that families across the UK are desperate to get out and take advantage of our new found freedom. With self-contained holidays now allowed in the UK, campsites are able to reopen their doors. We’re all eager to get back outside and experience the best of the British countryside, so campsites are quickly getting booked up for this summer!

    Whether you are taking the family away for a coastal holiday close to some of the great UK beaches, or you are going on outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling or water sports, you have waited long enough for this break.

    If you’re looking forward to getting away for long-awaited camping adventures, make sure that you have everything you need to ensure your holiday lives up to your dreams. We have created the ultimate camping checklist to guarantee that you pack all of the essentials for an amazing trip.


    Don’t forge

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    Thermos UK, the leading manufacturer of portable insulated food and drink containers, have today launched a new ecommerce website. 

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    More than 13 Billion plastic bottles are thrown away in the UK each year, less than 50% of which are recycled. Taking an average of 450 years to biodegrade, some up to 1,000, this waste is dropped into landfill or pollutes our oceans for centuries to come. The effects on our environment are toxic as we fast approach the point of no return in the climate crisis. 

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  4. Thermos UK provide flasks for rough sleepers in Yorkshire in preparation for colder nights

    As homelessness in the region reaches record highs and the problem becomes more visibly evident, Thermos UK wanted to make a contribution. As a Leeds based business, Thermos UK approached Simon on the Streets, an independent, Leeds based charity supporting entrenched rough sleepers across Leeds, Bradford and Huddersfield, to see how they could help.

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