We’d rather head south for a staycation – but Brits admit Northerners are friendlier to tourists.

- Research reveals holidaymakers in the UK would rather have a staycation this summer than go abroad.
- Scotland is voted the UK nation which is friendliest to tourists.

When it comes to UK staycations, the South has it – 31% would rather go South for a holiday, whilst only 19% would choose to go North.

However, according to new research from vacuum flask pioneers Thermos®, more people across Great Britain believe Northerners are friendlier to tourists than their southern counterparts.

Thermos UK surveyed 1,000 holidaymakers from across the country. Four out of five (79%) said Northerners are friendliest to visiting tourists, whilst just 21% felt Southerners were. The South West was the only region which thought Southerners were more friendly.

When given the option of choosing the most tourist friendly nation in the UK, Scotland topped the list, with England bringing up the bottom of the table.
1. Scotland – 33%
2. NI – 25%
3. Wales – 23%
4. England – 19%

But the research from Thermos also revealed that many people have yet to explore large parts of the UK. 15% of holidaymakers have never been on holiday to Scotland, one in three (33%) have never been to Northern Ireland and 12% have never been to Wales.

People in the South of England were less likely to have gone on holiday to the North than vice versa. One in nine Southerners (11%) have never had a holiday in the North, whilst that figure drops to one in 14 Northerners (7%) who have never had a holiday in the South.

Just over half (52%) of respondents said they would prefer a UK staycation this summer, with 48% opting for an overseas getaway.

Nina Jaynes, head of marketing at Thermos UK, said: “One in three of the holidaymakers we spoke to said they will have a staycation in 2023. Last year the staycation market stayed above pre-pandemic levels and was worth a staggering £15.6 million*. It’s clear many of us have vast areas – and indeed entire countries – still to explore on our very shores too. That, along with the current heatwave hitting popular overseas holiday destinations, might be why people said they would prefer to go on a staycation rather than an overseas holiday this summer. And although the weather might not always be predictable in the UK, at least you can rely on the hottest and the coolest products from Thermos to keep you refreshed and hydrated on your travels!”