It’s that time of year again! The festives season is here, and it’s time to start making Christmas wish lists. If you’re wondering what to put on your Christmas wish list or what to get a loved one this year, a Thermos Flask could be the perfect addition. 

Want to know how to make the perfect Christmas wish list?

  1. Start early: Get ahead of all the crazy Christmas shoppers and start planning your wish list early. While everyone else is busy shopping at the last minute, you can relax and enjoy the build up to Christmas;
  2. Include a large variety of gifts: Some people may only have a small budget for Christmas gifts so make sure to include some smaller, less expensive items on your wish list. 
  3. Add items you would never buy for yourself: A christmas wishlist is the perfect opportunity to add items on there that you would never buy for yourself. These are the sorts of items that usually cost more and aren’t a necessity.
  4. List 10 - 25 items: While this may seem like a lot of gifts, it gives family and friends a big enough range of gifts to choose from and find something that fits their budget. 
  5. Write or make a list online: you can either make a traditional christmas wishlist with a pen and paper, however if you are planning on sending your wish list to multiple people, it may be easier to type this out and print it, email it or send a WhatsApp to family and friends.

Thermos Flasks are quality products that keep you hydrated all year round. So… let’s explore a wishlist that’s sure to keep your drinks hot and spirits high this Christmas.

  • What gifts to buy for the vintage lovers?

If you’re a lover of anything classic or vintage we have just the thing for you… The Thermos Revival Flask, available in the colours blue, green and orange these Flasks hold all the nostalgia. The Revival is a replica of one of the original Thermos flask designs, Model 18. Mirroring the original pattern and colourways, The Revival brings the classic and timeless plaid flask back to life and is the perfect gift for Christmas. This retro flask keeps drinks hot for 18 hours and cold for 24 hours.

  • What gifts to buy for hot coffee lovers? 

If you’re the type of person who always makes a cup of tea and then forgets about it until it’s cold, a Thermos Flask will be your life saver. Sip on your hot tea all day long. 

The average office worker is typically a coffee lover as they need to be powered through the day and we have the perfect product to keep your coffee hot all day whilst looking stylish. The Guardian Tumbler comes in 3 different colours with a smooth luxury look. The perfect accessory for a long day in the office. 

  • What gifts to buy for Iced coffee lovers?

For the dedicated iced coffee lovers (even throughout winter) we would recommend The Thermos Icon Cold Cup With Straw. Our whole focus is to be able to provide reusable drink and food products and this tumbler will keep your favourite Starbucks Cold Cup Coffee cold for 22 hours. Embrace the convenience whilst being sustainable. 

  • What gifts to buy for the kids?

When kids are thinking about writing their Christmas list to Santa, they never usually think of the practical items they use everyday, however with Thermos kids, practical becomes fun. With cute and stylish designs the Thermos Kids Flasks are the perfect surprise gift from santa. Thermos Kids provides Lunch bags, Funtainer Food Flask and a Funtainer bottle. 

  • What gifts to buy for the gym goers?

The ultimate gym essential this Christmas is the Icon bottle with spout. Stay stylish and hydrated. Keeping your drinks cold for 24 hours when you’re working extra hard at the gym, there is no better feeling than an icy cold drink after a long workout. Staying hydrated during your workouts helps increase your energy levels, improves movement, recovery, thermoregulation and  improves overall physical performance and reduces the risk of injuries. 

  • What gifts to buy for commuters?

Beat the morning rush and unwind on your travel journey with a hot cup of tea or coffee. The Thermos Icon Travel mug is the new trending flask for coffees, keeping your drinks hot for 7 hours. So wherever you go and whatever you’re doing, you’re in control. Get set up and ready to conquer the day.

  • What gifts to buy for soup lovers?

Throughout the cold winter months a hot soup is essential. With the Thermos Icon Food Flask, you can enjoy your hot soup whenever and wherever you are. Perfect for the office workers and hikers. Is there really anything more comforting than a hot flask of home made soup on a cold winter’s day?

So, there it is - our jolly Christmas wishlist from Thermos. As we finish exploring the magic Thermos Flasks bring into our daily routines, our insulated Flasks definitely deserve a place on everyone’s wishlist.  Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur, soup lover, or tea enthusiast there’s always a Thermos Flask suited to your needs. Wishing everyone a happy and cosy Christmas from Thermos UK. 

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