As we step into the new year, the pursuit of a healthier lifestyle is a common resolution for many people. The start of 2024 is as good a time as any to make a resolution and stick with it throughout the year. In this blog post we will explore how a Thermos flask can help you reach your goals in 2024.

Best ideas to get moving in 2024?

Exercise does not have to be all sweat, panting and muscle ache; it can be highly enjoyable. There are a wide range of activities to get involved in and if you get bored of doing the same exercise all the time, mix it up. Choose a different type of exercise each week or go on a different route for your walk, run or cycle. There are an endless number of options available for anyone looking to get fit in the new year and to maintain a healthy weight. Whatever you decide to do, choose something that you enjoy, as you are more likely to keep it up throughout the year.

Join a gym.

Many people join the gym in January each year. Performing a variety of exercises focusing on the upper body, midsection and lower body can help to prevent injury and to build up resistance to increasing loads placed on the body. Strength training can take on a variety of forms. Body weight exercises can be performed to increase strength, such as those regularly performed in disciplines like Pilates. Adding strength exercises can help to offset the risk of injury in runners and cyclists, to tone muscles and to act as a useful means of maintaining a healthy weight. 

Hydration is essential to staying consistent with your new fitness goals in the gym. Symptoms of dehydration include low energy, headaches, overheating and dry mouth. When it comes to working out, being hydrated can drastically improve your performance The Thermos Icon Bottle with spout is perfect for meeting all of your hydration needs. This Flask will keep your drinks cold for 24 hours.


Combine your fitness routine with mindfulness practices like yoga which is excellent for strength, balance and flexibility. As you focus on your breathing and movement, keep your Thermos Guardian tumbler nearby with a calming herbal tea. This not only helps you stay hydrated but also adds a therapeutic element to your workout routine.


Walking is an ideal activity for individuals of all fitness levels and is a natural cardiovascular exercise that contributes to heart health. It helps improve circulation, lower blood pressure, and reduce the risk of heart-related diseases. Unlike high-impact activities, walking is gentle on the joints, making it an excellent option for individuals with joint issues or those recovering from injuries. It promotes joint flexibility and can be an essential part of a rehabilitation program.

Walks don’t have to be long either. A quick walk around the block in the evenings, taking the stairs instead of the lift, and deciding to get off a stop or two early and walking the extra distance can all help to fit in a bit of exercise. 

Preparing to travel in the new year?

Are you starting off the new year travelling? Or have plans in 2024 to travel and explore? Whether you’re going backpacking, road tripping or just visiting a sunny beach, it’s important you have the right equipment for your adventure. Always staying hydrated in hot countries is important to stop you from becoming dehydrated and ill. The Guardian Collection Hydration Bottle 710ml is stylish yet understated, designed with unique technology enhancements. The perfect flask to meet all your hydration needs.

Want to spend less money in 2024?

If one of your new year goals is to stop wasting money eating and drinking out too much, our products are designed so you can enjoy your favourite beverages and food wherever you are. By investing in a Thermos Stainless King Food Flask and Travel Mug set, you can make your favourite hot drinks at home to take with you everywhere. The Stainless King Travel Mug keeps your drinks hot for 7 hours and the Stainless King Food Flask keeps your food hot for up to 9 hours, allowing you to enjoy your favourite hot meals whenever and wherever you are. 

By taking the time before you go out to make your favourite hot foot and drinks, you can make healthier meals and still enjoy them outdoors. No more wasting money on a boring meal deal everyday. You can still enjoy the luxury of eating out for a fraction of the price. 

The Thermos philosophy.

At Thermos our philosophy is simple – we strive for the best. Having created the world’s first everyday vacuum flask 120 years ago, we don’t over complicate things.  We just look to ensure that you have the best quality products that continue to deliver to your expectations. Stay hot. Stay cold. So, to make sure you stick to reaching your goals in 2024, invest in the right Thermos Flask for you.

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