Going back to school is an exciting time… for parents at least. As the summer holidays are coming to an end it’s time to restock on uniforms, stationery, lunch boxes and a new travel mug for the school run! 

As you drop off your off-spring at the school gates, it’s damp eyes all round as they trundle up the path in their new uniforms and proud Mums and Dads can now take a breath and…relax... but the big question is, what will you do with all that extra child-free time?

Yes it’s been wonderful having them around for the last 6 weeks but now our mini me’s are back at school now’s the time to go and enjoy things like…

Sitting down and having that brew!

Running around, playing games, trips here, there and everywhere, a summer of entertaining the little and not so little ones is full on, so flicking the switch on the kettle and making a cup of tea and having time to drink it all whilst it’s still warm is little luxury.

You could even put it in your favourite Thermos tumbler and take a nice relaxing stroll whilst clearing your headspace. https://thermos.co.uk/stainless-kingtm-tumbler-470ml

Clearing the toy explosion

Where have they all come from? Usually contained to the play room, toys seem to have invaded every area of the house. It’s time for a little order, maybe even accidentally donate a few to charity, will they really notice?

Hitting the gym

Your fitness routine has been ruined so now’s the time to get back to your classes and get the endorphins pumping again. Don’t forget to keep rehydrated, fill your bottle with cold water and pop in a few ice cubes to keep you active and fresh. https://thermos.co.uk/guardian-series-hydration-bottle-710ml

Getting a bit of 'me-time'

With more free time, you can finally get back to your old hobbies or discover new ones! Join a dance class? Cooking class? You can finally enjoy a bit of me-time and do the things you love with your free time.

Meeting up with parent friends again

Everyone is busy during the summer holidays with their kids, from booking trips away and holidays at different times, it can be hard to find time to catch up with friends. Back to school for your kids means you can finally find the time to catch up with your friends for a coffee or lunch together.

Getting the kids prepared for going back to school. 

Going back to school has never been so easy with Thermos® Kids. Making school lunches simple but fresh.  Embrace convenience, quality, and creativity – it's time to redefine back-to-school lunches!

Rachel Ellen X Thermos collection 

Rachel Ellen X Thermos was launched in March 2022, and has been a massive hit with the kids. Rachel Ellen is a popular children’s stationery and greetings card designer who has designed a fun new range of food and drink containers for Thermos UK.

Rachel’s four cute children’s collections for Thermos UK are instantly recognisable in her iconic style – Dinosaurs, Mermaids, Unicorns and Pirates. Each collection includes a FUNtainer Food Flask and a Lunch Kit for carrying packed lunches. Also, because it’s Thermos, the flasks come with a five-year guarantee demonstrating their high quality – particularly useful when they’re being thrown around in school bags!  

With the Funtainer range, you can keep food hot for 5 hours. With this in their bag, you’ll never have to worry about your child’s lunches again.

Thermos Funtainer Food Flask 

The funtainer food flask is perfect for keeping food fresh and giving you peace of mind knowing what the kids are eating while at school. With the funtainer coming in four Rachel Ellen designs and two other kids designs, there is something for everyone. 

Whether it's a hearty soup or refreshing yogurt, this food flask ensures your child's food stays at the perfect temperature until lunchtime. Equipped with advanced vacuum insulation technology, the flask maintains temperature consistency without any external influence, keeping meals fresh and tasty. The innovative leak-proof lid prevents spills and keeps food securely contained, reducing mess and promoting hassle-free eating. 

Crafted from high-quality, BPA-free materials, the Funtainer Food Flask is built to withstand the rigors of daily school life. It's both sturdy and kid-friendly. Cleaning up after lunch is a breeze – the wide mouth design allows for easy access, and both the lid and container can be washed effortlessly by hand or in the dishwasher.

Thermos Funtainer bottle

The compact design fits easily into lunch bags, backpack pockets, or even cup holders. The specially designed insulated bottle is ideal for keeping drinks at their desired temperature all day for the kids, making them perfect for taking to school. 

The Funtainer bottle used advanced vacuum insulation technology to create an airless space between two walls of stainless steel. This design prevents heat transfer, keeping drinks hot or cold for hours!

For the kids who love juice, milk, water or even soup, you can have the confidence to send your kids to school with their favourite beverage knowing it will be fresh and leak-proof. With its durable material this product is resistant to daily wear and tear that can happen at school and prevents leaks from happening in school bags.

With the funtainer bottle coming in 2 kids designs, the vibrant colours make keeping hydrated more fun for your children, encouraging them to drink more fluids throughout the day. 

Thermos Lunch Bag

Designed to keep lunch as fresh and healthy as possible as well as being easy to clean, our lunch bag will keep your kids happy so their imagination can run wild. Created with the Thermos® quality and performance you can rely on, because when it comes to looking after the things that matter most, you shouldn’t have to settle for good enough.

Available in four different Rachel Ellen designs, these are popular with the kids. With durable clean fabric and a comfortable padded handle they are perfect for the new school year. Allow your kids to enjoy your home cooked meals, sandwiches and snacks at school with that fresh taste. Have confidence in knowing your kids are eating healthy fresh foods. 

For older students

A Thermos Flask is a handy item for students as it allows you to enjoy a warm cup of coffee, tea or even soup during winter or it can help keep your beverages cold during the summer months. They are a convenient way to stay hydrated whilst being environmentally conscious!

We would recommend our Guardian Hydration Flasks or our Super Light Direct Drink Flask to help keep you hydrated during classes or if you are a lover of tea or coffee our Stainless king Travel mug keeps your drinks hot for up to 7 hours!  Our Stainless King Food Flasks to enjoy home cooked meals at lunch. An easy way to save money and time at lunch!

All our products are created with the Thermos® quality and performance you can rely on and have a 5 year guarantee, because when it comes to looking after the things that matter most, you shouldn’t have to settle for good enough.

To all the students starting this new school year, good luck!