Eye-catching Granite Black and Ice White are the latest colours launched in Thermos’ award-winning product series, The Icon Series. Epitomising the very latest technology and design alongside function, the Icon Series utilises Thermos’ 120 years of industry expertise and heritage.

Made of durable stainless steel, the bottles can keep hot drinks at temperature for 18-hours, and cold drinks refreshingly cold for 24-hours. For the food flasks, edible contents remain hot for up to 10-hours and cold for 24….making them a must-have for any season! 

Springtime outings

Spring always brings new beginnings and the opportunity for more outdoor activities. The Icon Series bottles and food flasks are perfect for spring festivals, coastal walks or spending time in the allotment. Keep your drinks cool and your meals warm as you embrace the beauty of spring. 

Summer adventures

During the hot summer months, the Icon Series bottles are your perfect companions. Whether you're hiking in the countryside, heading to the beach or enjoying a picnic in the park, these bottles keep your drinks refreshingly cold. Stay hydrated with ice-cold water, sports drinks or your favourite fruit infused water, no matter how high the temperature rises.

Ice White and Granite Black products to meet every need

The Ice White and Granite Black colours are available in several different products, all fulfilling a different consumer needs, including:


Our Trading Manager, James Sheldon said: “We’re delighted to be adding additional colours to the Icon Series, which has proved to be a huge hit since it launched in Autumn 2023. We will be adding further exciting colours to the range over the coming weeks, listening to the latest consumer demands and trends as the market for on-the-go food and drink containers continues to increase.”

Make every outing, whether in the heat of summer or the chill of winter, a comfortable and stylish experience. 

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