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Philosophy & Sustainability


At Thermos our philosophy is simple – we strive for the best. Having created the world’s first everyday use vacuum flask over 100 years ago, we don’t over complicate things.  We just look to ensure that you have the best quality products that continue to deliver to your expectations. Stay hot. Stay cool.


More than 13 Billion plastic bottles are thrown away in the UK each year, less than 50% of which are recycled. Taking an average of 450 years to biodegrade, some up to 1,000, this waste is dropped into landfill or pollutes our oceans for centuries to come. The effects on our environment are toxic as we fast approach the point of no return in the climate crisis.

Our whole focus is to be able to provide reusable drink and food products. We completely support the cause to eliminate the use of single use plastics and we are committed to minimising our packaging and waste, and reducing our carbon footprint.