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Simon on the Streets

Thermos Simon on the Streets

Simon on the Streets offer street-based support for rough sleepers in the Leeds, Huddersfield and Bradford areas.  Thermos UK have supported the charity through the provision of flasks to be distributed to rough sleepers which they can refill and allow them to keep a hot drink for up to 18 hours.  The charity are also embarking on a tie up with key coffee shops whereby rough sleepers with one of the Thermos UK flasks and the Simon on the Streets logo sticker on the back can get a free hot drink.

Thermos also provided 2.5L pump pots for the Tuesday evening sandwich and hot drink run that the charity manage and the Thermos UK Marketing team also participated in the ‘Sleep with Simon’ event, generating £2,370 for the charity.


Unicef – Team Halong Bay Vietnam Clipper Round the World Yacht Race


Thermos Clipper Round the World yacht race

Thermos UK have supported the Halong Bay Vietnam Clipper Round the World Yacht Race team with Stainless King Travel Mugs for their journey.  The team, made up of over 70 international crew, are running the race over a year in support of Unicef.  Thermos UK provided travel mugs for the crew as well as additional products purchased by friends and family to generate additional funds for the charity.