Whether you’re at home, working, or want to encourage your children to eat healthier, with a Thermos® food flask you can say goodbye to boring sandwiches or soggy salads this summer.

What can you put in a food flask?

This is a crucial question and not everyone is aware of how many things you can actually put into a food flask. Let’s explore some of our best dishes to add to a food flask that won’t require a lot of preparation every night.

When preparing lunch, you might prefer a hot meal over a cold one. Keeping food cold isn’t an issue, but keeping cravings satisfied without access to a microwave to heat up food might be challenging. Thanks to our food flasks however, you can enjoy warm food for lunch or cold alternatives that fit in with your tastes, dietary requirements and budget.

Below are some exciting lunch ideas as well as practical tips to try this summer:

1. Granola

Granola is a classic breakfast choice originally from America. It is made by mixing ingredients such as oats, dried fruit, nuts, honey and then baking them. Serve this dish with milk or yoghurt and fruit and enjoy in your food flask.

2. Strawberries and cream

Strawberries and cream is a popular dessert known best for being served at Wimbledon. Simply grab some fresh strawberries, sugar and some double cream. Place your strawberries in your food flask. Sprinkle some sugar over them and give them a quick mix. Add 2 drops of vanilla extract into your cream and give it a stir. Then carefully pour your vanilla cream over the sugar strawberries. They will stay fresh for hours!

3. Crunchy chicken salad

A classic chicken caesar salad can leave you feeling light but satisfied. For this recipe you will need croutons, olive oil, chicken breast, romaine lettuce and a chicken caesar salad sauce. Cook your chicken with a little olive oil and cut it up into smaller pieces. Prepare your sauce. Mix the lettuce and chicken and season with your sauce and croutons. See our recipe idea here for inspiration.

4. Burritos or fajitas

For all the Mexican food fans out there, this is a food flask revelation. Simply heat up your burrito or fajita mix as you would at home and pop it in your food flask. Pack your tortilla wraps, guacamole, cheese and whatever else you like to fill your wraps with separately. It makes a fun, easy and delicious lunch for the office or for when you are exploring the great outdoors.

5. Tiramisu

Tiramisu is a famous coffee-flavoured Italian dessert. Made with sponge fingers soaked in coffee and then a layer of a whipped mixture of sugar, egg, mascarpone, double cream and cocoa powder is then added on top. This simple no-bake dessert is timeless and will stay fresh in your food flask.

6. Watermelon, feta and mint salad

This perfect summer recipe only takes 10 minutes to cook and prepare and is positively popping with flavour.  The juiciness of the watermelon combined with chunks of creamy, salty feta and topped off with the crunch of the toasted butternut squash seeds is scrumptious. See our recipe idea here for inspiration.

7. Poke Bowl

A poke bowl is a Hawaiian dish rooted in Japanese cuisine. To create this refreshing dish you will need, sushi rice, mayonnaise, fresh sushi-grade salmon, sesame oil, soy sauce, chilli flakes, avocado, spring onions. Enjoy this for a healthy lunch/ breakfast.

So, for the best ‘on the go’ food experience this summer, take a look at our food flask range. For inspiration and more food flask recipe ideas, take a look at our recipe page. Take control over what you and the family eat when out and about this summer and make use of all those leftover homemade meals.