At Thermos UK we strive for the best. We began over 100 years ago when climate control, sustainability and saving the environment wasn’t something anyone really spoke about yet fast forward to 2022 and it’s becoming increasingly more important to understand how we can give back to our planet and protect it for years to come.


Did you know

  • More than 13 billion plastic bottles are thrown away in the UK each year, less than 50% of which are recycled.
  • The UK produces more than 100 million tonnes of waste every year, one tonne is about the weight of a small car.
  • Most plastic shopping bags are used only once and a plastic bag can take more than 100 years to decompose.
  • 25 two-litre pop bottles can be recycled into an adult-size fleece jacket.

Taking an average of 450 years to biodegrade, some up to 1,000, our waste is dropped into landfills or pollutes our oceans for centuries to come. The effects on our environment are toxic as we fast approach the point of no return in the climate crisis. Our whole focus is to be able to provide reusable drinks and food products. We completely support the cause to eliminate the use of single-use plastics and we are committed to minimising our packaging and waste and reducing our carbon footprint.


How you can help with Thermos

One of the best, most simple, ways of helping our planet is to buy reusable products as much as possible. Instead of your daily visit to your favourite chain coffee outlet before work, invest in one of our tumblers, mugs or desk mugs. Make your favourite hot drink at home and take it with you. Not only are you being ecological but you’re saving money too! With a 5-year guarantee on all our products, just imagine how many cups of coffee or tea that is!

We are beginning prime PICNIC TIME! However, instead of being lots of snacks in single-use plastics, think about cooking up a storm at home using reusable containers such as our food flasks and water bottles. You can store it all in one of our NEW ECO-COOL lunch kits and bags! These beautiful blue bags are designed with sustainable living at the core. You need them as part of your summer road trip essentials! They are made with recycled PET plastic bottles, so you can enjoy fresh food and drinks whilst contributing to saving the Earth’s natural resources.


Other hints and tips to be more sustainable

Reduce how much water you use - instead of filling the kettle to the brim, just boil what you need. Take a shower instead of a bath. Turn the tap off when brushing your teeth and be more conscious of how often you’re running the dishwasher and washing machine.

Recycle, resell, donate - there are lots of great websites out there on which you can resell or freecycle your clothing and other items on. Alternatively, you can donate to the local charity shop.

Travel sustainably - where possible avoid taking the car. Think about walking, cycling or using public transport. You can also think about joining a car club or buying an electric car.

We hope that this blog has given you some food for thought on how to lighten your footprint on our planet. If you take #YourThermos out with you this Spring/Summer, don’t forget to tag us on Facebook or Instagram. You might even be featured on our pages!