Last month, the UK saw temperatures rise to 40 degrees and because we’re typically British, all we could talk about was the weather!

Fans were bought, paddling pools were out, people were working from home in their swimwear and if you were lucky enough to have Air Con, it was on MAX! For a lot of people in the UK, anything over 10 degrees and it’s shorts weather but we are just not prepared for that level of heat are we?

With climate change a real and concerning issue, these RED HOT days are not going to go away. In fact, there is a chance that they could become more frequent. Luckily, Thermos UK are here to help in two ways:

  • Our reusable products reduce the use of single use plastics
  • Our products are here to keep you cool

Staying hydrated is so important in general but even more so when the weather is warmer than some exotic countries and maybe people suffer with dehydration during these days. For most people, it takes several hours to drink enough liquid to replace what they have lost through sweat so the sooner you get started, the less effect it will have on your body.

As a brand, we know we are well known for keeping you toasty warm with a brew in the winter months, but we’re here to keep you cool in summer too!

We have a range of hydration bottles for you to choose from! Our colourful water bottles come in a variety styles:

  • Straw - for ease when on the go, in the gym or working
  • Meter - to track your daily water intake


We also have the Fruit Infuser Water Bottle which has an integrated strainer that holds back ice and fruit to maximise infusion. The twist lid controls the flow of the liquid so it’s perfect when you’re on the go. Add lemon or lime for a refreshing drink on the hottest of days!

The Guardian Hydration Bottle is a MUST in the hot weather. Why? It keeps your drink COLD for 18 HOURS! It’s created with the Thermos quality and performance everyone relies on, insulated to keep that heat out and whatever is inside cold. Add some ice for the extra chill and we promise you it won’t disappear in an instant! This bottle is sleek, stylish and comes in two colours - Guardian Blue and Guardian Green.

Never mind the adults, sweaty, hot kids are NOT the one so keep them cool with our Funtainer Bottles! Designed to keep drinks as fresh and healthy as possible, as well as being easy to clean, our 335ml bottles will keep your kids hydrated, cool and happy. Plus the gorgeous Rachel Ellen designs will brighten their day.

Are you going out for the whole day? Maybe overnight and need something to keep you hydrated and cool throughout, well this may surprise you but our Stainless King 1.2L FLASK keeps your drinks COLD for 24 HOURS! Get your juice in there and off you go! Looking for something a little smaller and compact? Our Super Light Direct Drink flasks ALSO keep your drinks cool for 24 hours! They’re available in four beautiful colours: plum, stone, rose gold and berry so compliment any outfit!

Most of all, every one of our products is reusable so no single use of plastics means you stay cool in the crazy heat whilst helping the planet too! What are you waiting for? Head over to our shop and treat yourself!

Our whole focus is to be able to provide reusable drink and food products. We completely support the cause to eliminate the use of single use plastics and we are committed to minimising our packaging and waste, and reducing our carbon footprint.