How much coffee do people drink?

Coffee is the one of the most popular drinks worldwide and the average person in the UK drinks two cups of coffee every day. So, it's a good job that coffee plants can live to a grand old age of 100 years old. The UK’s coffee consumption varies quite dramatically by age with those aged 53 and over drinking an average of 2.2 cups per day while millennials drink 1.3 cups and Generation Z drink just half a cup.

Why is a coffee flask a good idea?

65% of coffee is consumed at home meaning UK consumers spend over £4 billion in high-street coffee shops. At a time when there is a cost of living crisis this is an expensive habit that can easily be avoided by preparing at home and investing in a quality Thermos travel mug which will typically pay for itself in the first month. For the busy commuter, we recommend our Super Light Travel Tumbler which has a durable stainless steel interior and exterior.

In addition to saving you money, preparing your own coffee in advance of a commute will save you time because even though there are 26,000 coffee outlets in the UK, there always seems to be a long queue, meaning people often miss out on their coffee because they just don’t have the time to wait.

How do I make the ultimate coffee for my coffee flask?

Making the best coffee at home is a combination of using quality beans, proper equipment, and following the right simple steps. Here are some tips on how to make the best coffee at home:

  • 1. Start with high-quality beans. Look for freshly roasted beans and choose the type that you enjoy, such as light, medium, or dark roast. High quality beans include Kenyan AA Beans as they are grown 6,600 feet above water. These beans are considered one of the world’s best coffee beans. The higher the altitude that the coffee beans have been grown at, the slower they grow. This allows them more time to develop flavours and nutrients. Other high quality beans are Peaberry beans from Tanzania and Central American Geisha Beans.


  • 2. Grind the beans just before brewing. Grinding the beans just before brewing will ensure the freshest and most flavorful coffee. It is recommended to grind your coffee beans using a burr grinder. You are best to grind your coffee beans at a low speed so no heat is generated. If you don’t have a grinder we recommend using a blender.


  • 3. Use the right ratio of coffee to water. The general rule is to use 1 to 2 tablespoons of coffee for every 6 ounces of water.


  • 4. Use filtered water. The quality of the water used can impact the flavour of the coffee, however this step isn’t essential although it's best to use filtered water compared to regular tap water. This water filtration system removes minerals such as calcium and magnesium and this will help enhance your coffee's taste.


  • 5. Use the right brewing method. There are many different methods of brewing coffee, including pour-over, French press, drip, and espresso. Choose the method that suits your taste and equipment. Our favourite method is French press coffee. This method is coffee in its purest form. A French press forces coffee to the bottom of the pot after brewing which helps to add all the concentrated flavours. This coffee typically turns out with a bold and dark taste.


  • 6. Brew at the right temperature. The water temperature should be between 90 and 96 degrees celsius for the best extraction.


  • 7. Time the brewing process. The ideal brewing time will depend on the brewing method. For example, pour-over coffee takes around 3-4 minutes, while French press takes around 4-5 minutes.


  • 8. Serve immediately. Coffee should be served immediately after brewing to ensure the best flavour and freshness. To keep your coffee fresh for longer, we recommend using your Thermos flask allowing you to enjoy your coffee whenever you need whilst still tasting fresh.

By following these tips, you can make the best coffee at home and enjoy a delicious cup every morning in your Thermos travel mug.