Finding a thoughtful and unique gift for the men in your family is no easy task. Whilst they may say they don’t want anything, we know different. After all, as your parent they have taught you to celebrate the people most important to you…whether they like it or not!

Father’s Day settles on the 19th June this year and is a day to make your Dad feel special. We’ve put together a list of our favourite Thermos products to give you some inspiration and ensure you get that “favourite child” status!


The Work Series Flask 1.2l

A heavy duty flask for a heavy duty worker! If your Dad is regularly getting his hands dirty, building, lifting, fixing, digging…this is THE flask for him. It is dent resistant with protective rubber bumpers making it the perfect work mate. It has a large serving cup and retractable handle for easy storage but most importantly, it keeps liquid hot or cold for 24 HOURS! This flask will keep your Dad going ALL DAY!


Hercules Flask 1.0L

Does your Dad enjoy spending his time by the water? Maybe he has a boat, enjoys fishing or has got into the latest craze that is paddle boarding! Well get him the hero that is the Hercules flask. It has a plastic outer shell and stainless steel interior so it’s durable and it’s special superpower is its ability to float on water, even when full!


Guardian Collection Hydration bottle 710ml

“But my Dad doesn’t like hot drinks” We hear some of you say! Do not fear! We have something for those Dad’s that just need to stay hydrated! The Guardian Series is stylish yet understated…a style icon you might say! If your Dad is constantly on the go or enjoys a good workout, the Guardian Hydration Bottle is THE gift.


Stainless King Desk Mug 470ml

Whether it be the commute to the office, working down at the allotment, a new dad struggling to get a warm brew or a weekend stroll, the desk mug suits all occasions. The iconic Stainless King range incorporates sleek, industrial design with the reliable technology Thermos are known for.


The Ultimate Flask 900ml

The Ultimate Flask for the Ultimate Dad! This ultra durable flask will keep your Dad’s tea, coffee, hot chocolate *insert other beverage here* hot/cold for a whole day. Our Ultimate flask comes in 500ml or 900ml and is ideal for those Dads that enjoy spending their spare time in nature, regardless of the weather. This stylish flask comes in four colours and has maximum heat performance!

We hope this gives you some ideas for treating your Dad this Father’s Day. Don’t forget, order from our website and receive FREE DELIVERY (Standard delivery - 2-5 working days)

Happy Father’s Day to all you lovely Dads!