Well, it seems like summer has FINALLY arrived and many of us are looking forward to a staycation in some of the most gorgeous places the United Kingdom has to offer. Let’s be honest, when the sun is shining, you could be mistaken for thinking you’re abroad in some areas!

Some of us love the luxury of a hotel or apartment, some like the outdoorsy feel but with home comforts such as a lodge or camping pod and for the brave of the brave (and it is brave because the British weather is SO unpredictable!), a tent, sleeping bag and some essentials is all that they need.

With this in mind, we have put together a list of Thermos products which are ESSENTIAL for your camping holiday this year!

First on the list, our biggest ECO COOL BAG, this 25 litre/36 can cool bag will have plenty of room to keep your food and drink fresh and cold during your getaway. Not only that, it is designed with sustainable living at the core! The outer fabric is made from 27 recycled PET plastic bottles so you can enjoy fresh food and drinks whilst contributing to saving the Earth’s natural resources. It is Insulated with 5mm IsoTec™ premium closed PE foam, has durable stainless steel fastenings and an adjustable padded strap.

It’s important to stay hydrated at all times, whether the sun is out, you’re being active or just to keep you healthy. Our Guardian Collection Hydration Bottle is stylish, classic and holds 710ml of liquid which will keep cold for 18 hours thanks to our amazing Thermos quality and performance. It comes in two beautiful colours, Guardian Green or Guardian Blue and will be an essential for daily living, not just your holiday adventures!

Our Stainless King range has EVERYTHING you need for a camping trip! It is an iconic range incorporating sleek, industrial styling, blending technology with heritage. Our 470ml food flasks are perfect for lunch on the go. Complete with a stainless steel full size, folding spoon, you can cook up some pasta on your camping stove (or campfire if you want to go REALLY authentic!) and as it keeps food hot for up to 9 hours, you can take it with you for fuel on your adventures. Stopping for a brew with the whole family? Our 1.2L Stainless King Flask is perfect for family days out and has a foldaway handle, making it easy to carry and pour.

Enjoying a couples break or a mate date? Our new REVIVAL range is a replica of the original Model 18 flask. It’s had a modern makeover and is now made with stainless steel that keeps your drinks cool for up to 24 hours and hot for 18 hours. Mirroring the original pattern and colourways, The Revival brings the classic and timeless plaid flask back to life. Available in a trio of colours - orange, blue and green - our 500ml retro flask is ideal for one person or a couple on the go.

Looking for something for the kids? Well they can have their own food flask and bottle too! Our bright and colourful Rachel Ellen designs have something for everyone - unicorns, dinosaurs, mermaids and pirates galore! Designed to keep drinks as fresh and healthy as possible as well as being easy to clean, our 355ml bottle will keep your kids hydrated and happy so their imagination can run wild. It will literally keep their drinks cool all day for up to 12 hours! The Rachel Ellen food flasks hold 290ml and keep their lunch hot for up to 5 hours and 7 hours cold. So, if you have your Stainless King food flask, they can be just like their parents!

Thermos isn’t just about winter warms…our products are there to keep you cool in summer too. No matter the weather, take our products on your camping adventures and have a little bit of luxury and comfort. Have a fab summer everyone!